Our Mission

We develop and restore hope to individuals with addictive and co-occurring disorders through a culture of recovery oriented, trauma informed, gender responsive, and culturally competent behavioral healthcare. We save and improve the quality of lives through education, discovery, and supporting a culture of recovery where people can grow to their full potential. We strive for national excellence in treating addiction by integrating the most effective techniques and offering services to all those in need.

Our Model

At Ocean State Recovery Center we have decades of experience in treating individuals and families suffering from addiction and dual diagnosis disorders. Our program is designed as a step down process that integrates our patients back into a healthy lifestyle. Our evidenced-based practice in addiction treatment is coupled with 12 step fellowship support as well as medication assisted treatment. We have found that this approach is highly effective in treating individuals and getting them on the road to recovery.

When entering our first level of care at Partial Hospitalization (PHP), patients are with us 5 days a week in group and individual therapy. Each patient has direct access to our Medical and Clinical Directors while working with their primary counselors. Our staff employs a team approach in treating every patient and devising a treatment plan that is unique for each individual. Patients begin the program relying heavily on our staff so that they may build a strong foundation in recovery, especially in the first 30 days off of abused substances.

Once this foundation is built, patients then begin our second phase at our Intensive Outpatient Level of Care (IOP). Clinical hours decrease and patients may return to work and their outside recovery groups. At this stage, patients begin to enter back into normal living while having less dependency on our program though still maintaining a healthy lifestyle and regular attendance.

Once our patients complete IOP, they move on to our general Outpatient Phase which is group and individual therapy once a week or patients may fully complete treatment at which point they would become part of our extensive Alumni and Recovery Coach programming to always have support and fellowship through the OSRC community.

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